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Company Guidelines

  • Customer Service is KEY!
  • Respond to client needs in a timely manner
  • Help the client understand their technology
  • Help the client plan their technological future
  • Provide service and products for a price that is fair to the client
  • Help the client help our beautiful city grow and prosper!

Our owner, Jepp Walter has been in the Jacksonville area for most of his life, growing up in Neptune Beach. He has made a point of building relationships with his company's clients, with responsiveness to customer needs being the most important business aspect. Listen to the customer, help the customer, even 'teach' the customer if needed, where they may understand the ever changing technology we have in our world, and make the best use of it.

Marlin Technology with Sheriff John Rutherford Jepp with Sheriff John RutherfordJepp has been involved with the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce for 25 years, and is a two-time Past President of the Downtown Council. Jepp was also named the Small Business Leader of the Year for the council in 2008, and again in 2012.

Additionally with the Chamber, Jepp was the founder of the Information Technology Business Resource Group, now known as the Jacksonville Information Technology Council (JITC).

Jepp is also very active with the Southside Business Men's Club (SBMC), a civic organization that started in 1932. The club has a rich history of helping the city of Jacksonville with direction and activities that help the city, and primarily the Southside of Jacksonville, grow and prosper. He was the 70th President of the club in 2013. SBMC meets at San Jose Country Club, every Wednesday at lunchtime.

Jepp is on the Professional Advisory Board for Kaiser University; he is the Past President of the Epilepsy Foundation of Northeast Florida, now known as Epilepsy Foundation of Florida; he was the Commencement Speaker for Remington College Graduation Class of 2004

If you would like any information on either the Chamber of Commerce, or Southside Business Men's Club, be sure to send us an email.

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