Our Services:

Computer Sales & Service

Home or Office CPU Services
  • There are plenty of options of both desktop and laptop computers, but do you always have time to research?  Do you need professional advice?  You've come to the right place.  We'll get you the best deal available, and explain why it's a good deal!
  • The most common service call these days is to help speed up your computer, from the buildup of extra programs, spyware, and viruses.  We can do a home pc cleanup starting at only $50!!  If it needs more, we will give you the best rate available, with NO surprises.
  • We'll be glad to give your entire family the tools they need to stay productive, and not waste time with spyware & viruses.

Network Support

Home or Office Network Services and Support
  • Your network at your office may need constant attention, or it may just need preventative maintenance.  But we know you may have a small network at your home as well!  We can help you with your wireless network, sharing files and printers.  We can even help you access your work computer from home, or vice versa!
  • If you have or need a more advanced network, we can help you with your Server, whether it be a file server, or an exchange server.  You may have a need for spam control, intra office website control, or many other business opportunities that technology can lead your business into.
  • We also support all types of security appliances, firewalls, and routers.  Whether it's Cisco or Sonicwall, we can help!

Software Support & Training

Software Support & Training
  • You may have software that you would like assurance it's installed properly, or have an upgrade that you would like safely accomplished.
  • You may want to learn a software product that you would like to use, or become more proficient in its use.  We can help you with most software products.
  • We are proficient with most any software available in the market.  Got a custom application, but don't understand it?  We can probably learn it more easily, and then put it in terms that work best for you.

Website Design & Hosting

Website Design & Website Hosting
  • We can help you design a website for your business.  Or, if you have an existing site that needs refreshed, or even replaced, we can help you with that.  We've had experience with hundreds of different websites, for many types of businesses, and many levels of design extent.  Not all websites are expensive!  Most are VERY reasonable.
  • Whether you want a sharp looking static (non-animated) site, a site with Flash animation, or even a full blown database-driven site, we can accomplish all of your website design needs.
  • We are very competitive with hosting rates.  Don't use a 'web farm', pay for the service you deserve.  Our rates start at only $10 per month.

Ecommerce, Shopping Carts, Merchant Accounts

Ecommerce, Shopping Carts, Merchant Accounts
  • Doing business on the Internet has become commonplace, and necessary for success of many businesses.  We can help you put your products or services up for sale in an attractive format that will drive customers to you.
  • A Shopping Cart will figure out the math for your customer, add appropriate shipping costs if needed, and send you and your customer an email notification of the order.
  • Merchant accounts are necessary if you'd like to take credit card payments online for your products or services.  We can help you choose the merchant account that is right for you, and for the best discount rate available.

Domain Registrations

Domain Registrations
  • When you consider getting a website designed, or designing one yourself, you need to have a web address.  A 'Dot Com' if you will.  We can help you make the decision of what your domain should be, and secure that domain if and when it is available.
  • Have one on your mind?  Tried to look up a website using that address, and it didn't bring one up?  That doesn't mean someone doesn't already own it.  We can check any domain you need us to, and let you know if someone owns it, or if it is available for purchase.
  • We can even put a 'Watch' on a domain for you if you are hoping to secure it should the previous owner let it lapse.

Cabling & Telephone Systems/Service

Telephone Systems Cabling

We provide all types of cabling, for both telephone and data.

  • Category 5 for Data or Telephone
  • Category 3 for Telephone
  • Fiber Runs and Terminations
  • Demarc Extensions
  • From needing just adding one extra jack, to doing an entire building, we can help you with all of your cabling needs.
  • We also sell and service all types of telephone systems, including Nortel, Samsung, Avaya, and many others.
  • Even if you just need a MAC (move/add/change), we can help you.
  • Think your telephone bill is too high?  Wondering if you can save any money, or need help renegotiating?  We have years of experience in great rates for telephone and data, whether it's for single lines, or T-1's and higher.

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems
  • We sell and service all types of Surveillance / Camera Systems. Whether it's a small 4 camera system, up to 16 camera systems and larger, we can put the proper solution in place for your needs.
  • Already have a system, and wondering if you can view it from a different location? We can let you know if your system has the capability, and make it a reality for you.
  • Imagine being at home, and having the ability to view your cameras at your office or retail location.  Or in reverse, being at work and being able to view your system at home.  We can accomplish these needs for you.
  • We can also replace existing equipment for you, whether your DVR has gone bad, or maybe just needs a new hard drive.  Maybe you have just one camera that needs to be replaced.  We can help.

Project Consultation

IT Project Consultation
  • Have an upgrade in mind?  Have a new system to consider?  Has your business grown to where you are unsure of which way to take your technology?
  • We can offer consulting to help you make the right decision for your business future.
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